Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Little Witch was Born in Sweden...

Well, real life took priority. Another surgery, another whining husband.....

And some good news, from Sweden.

We were talking on FB about half scale. Most mainstream miniaturists work in 1 inch scale. They're amazed we work in half that size, or even in a quarter... and we won't even talk about 1:144 :D

However, Catherine loves a challenge. She also fell in love with some of the witches I collect. So, on Monday she started posting in her timeline:

A little witch was born today and she'll be going home to America soon.
Then she posted a picture:

Then there were some more pictures:

The next night she couldn't sleep and she wigged and painted her:

This morning, she posted pictures of the fitting.. can't have a nekkid witch now, can we? At least not in America. In Europe nobody would even look twice :D

Isn't she just adorable???? I can't wait to give her a home <3 Thank you, Catherine Nielsson

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