Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fairy Gardens and "Random Acts of Fairy-Kindness"

Fairy Gardens
Today, I got the new email newsletter from Two Green Thumbs. It is  hands down one of my fav's to look forward to. I love the settings they show. And I got many an inspiration there. Today's news were especially interesting, since they now have an archive of all previous newsletters... yay... make sure you stop by and maybe even sign up for the newsletter. It's worth it!

Fairy Doors
As I was walking the dog recently, thoughts of minis and where to put all that goodness danced in my head :)
Granted it's winter and everything looks a bit drab outside. But I live in a woodsy area and there are plenty of unusual shapes around. Crooked trees, half decayed treestumps, hedges, gates...

And I thought to myself, how fun it would be to make fairy doors and place them nilly-willy at those places? A splash of color and whimsy at unexpected places... and a way to get rid of Scooter's piles of scrap wood. Can even keep him busy and let him cut roughs. He's always cutting and fiddlefarting around in the shed anyway... On the other hand, so they don't all look alike, I've gotten some inspirations from the web, of course. Just look at the stuff I've fav'd on . But yesterday at Michaels, I found some unfinished wooden xmas ornaments looking like bird houses, with a little hole in it. This hole can easily be enlarged and remade into a tiny window. With a bit of paint and stain, they'll be perfect.

Icy Sunshine
Well,  it's another GORGEOUS crisp sunshiny day in our little pocket of the Pacific NW. I hope it stays like that for a few more days. But I doubt we'll have sunshine and no frost. We HAVE to fix the roof over the addition. Scooter can't find where exactly it's leaking. Ugh.... New metal roof come springtime. I don't want half the house fall down around my ears.

And so it goes... I'll have some peace & quiet today and tomorrow. After all, it's Football time. Especially up here in WA... with the "chickenhawks" doing so well... Heck, I'm German... gimme "real" football...


  1. I keep wanting to get back into fairy stuff myself, now your just feeding my fairy fever ;P

    I have a basket full of acorn caps I collected over the fall and they keep prodding me to fill them with moss and mushrooms ;)

  2. Oh, you should... it's so much fun and a nice break from everything else that's going on


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