Friday, January 18, 2013

Karma .... another Trip to Michael's

Some sites online are more intriguing and addictive than others... like Pinterest, for example... or my latest find, 

It's the ultimate "get rid of your junk & get my junk" site, srsly. And it's free, or almost :) You list your stuff, and other people bid on it. If you charge postage, you send your paypal info to the winner of your auction. You get paid in credits for your item.

You use your credits to bid on items, and the only thing it costs you - if it's not free shipping - is the postage. You pay, you get new junk. Easy. Follow the link above and you get 100 start credits. You get 500 more for your first auction, and there are some other ways to get credits for free. And, for those who want more, there's a way to buy them for cash. For example, you get 50 credits for $1 when you verify your Paypal account.....

Ok, that was an explanation, not a sale! After all this is about MINI's.... and this is what happened.

Misunderheard Art had invited me to join . Big thank you for that. I browsed around and found a mini sewing machine. Actually there were several. The first auction I lost. But I bid on a second one, put 200 credits as max and forgot about it....

Yesterday, I was on my weekly trip to Michael's. Got some odds and ends, all on sale (or so I thought), and a Singer handheld mini sewing machine for $17.99. With my 40% off, it was acceptable... I gave the cashier my coupon first, and then the sewing machine and told her, "this is my coupon item, right?" She said, "Looks like it" and rung up everything, giving me the total... $27 and change... how? hmmm.... At the car, I checked the register tape... dangnabbit... there was on item, which is $5.99 but had a bonus of a free item with it. Normally, they don't use THAT kind for discounts. This time they did.... $2.40 discount instead of $7.20
Somehow, this annoyed me, and I returned it promptly, vowing to just pay one item at a time, if it's a bigger price tag.

Today.... I was gone running errands all days. Didn't think of minis, making them or sewing at all. Came home, needed a break and checked email....

Kundry, you're the winner of my auction!

Wooooot! Karma, eh? I won the auction of the mini sewing machine, paid the shipping by paypal, and got a "super Listian" rating for prompt payment. Now, I'll be waiting with baited breath (what a weird verbage that is.. it reminds me of fish bait, and bad breath... ) until it arrives. It won't be this weekend, but hopefully not too long after. I hate doing mini with that big ol' Singer I have in the back room.
In other news... our own little Mini has lactose problems :( they changed her formula (whatever happened to breastfeeding??? nvm. ignore that) and they hope that'll take care of that. Sigh... getting out of the hospital the day after the birth may have been just a smidgeon too soon. But what do I know? lol. My own son was born 42 years or so ago, after 4 1/2 days in constant labor... his grand daughter arrived in 8 minutes...


Have a good Saturday everyone

PS: how cute are these? Won these, too just a bit ago.

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